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Founded in 1994, is the nation’s oldest and most respected vehicle donation programs. has sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles for charities just like yours. is a comprehensive and fully-customizable vehicle donation program. You decide the support that your organization requires, and we provide the appropriate level of vehicle donation service. Our services include:

  • A national call center that manages all communications with donors
  • Coordination and management of all transportation of the vehicle from the donor to the auction
  • Vehicle remarketing experts who manage the sale of each vehicle through Best Venue which includes salvage auctions, used car auctions and our exclusive Recycler Direct network
  • After the sale we provide your donor with all documentation required to facilitate their tax deduction
  • Comprehensive management reporting to assist you in monitoring donation activity and projecting cash flow to your organization.

We will also help you effectively market your vehicle donation through your organization’s unique marketing channels and with our co-branded marketing materials. We operate in all 50 states and Canada. Let help you, so you can spend time helping others.

There are many things to consider when choosing a vehicle donation program (VDP) provider.

What happens to your cars?

The most profitable, efficient and cost effective way to liquidate donated vehicles is through vehicle auctions. Vehicle auctions expose your vehicles to the greatest number of buyers which maximizes the sale price of each vehicle. is powered by Insurance Auto Auctions, North America’s leading salvage vehicle auction company. With more than 151 locations in the US and Canada and a buyer base of nearly 40,000 licensed dealers, recyclers and exporters IAA will maximize the sale price of each donated vehicle by selling to buyers from around the country and around the world.

Not all vehicles are good candidates for salvage vehicle auctions, however. Many donors provide late model vehicles that are excellent candidates for resale at used car dealerships. These vehicles are often sold through ADESA wholesale auctions. ADESA is one of North America’s largest wholesale vehicle auction companies.

Some vehicles will cost more to transport than they are likely to sell for. This can happen when the vehicle is in exceptionally poor condition, when the donor is in a remote location or when market conditions are not favorable for donated vehicles. uses advanced technology and years of experience to identify these vehicles and sell them through our Recycler Direct network.

How much does the provider return to the charity?

According to a reputable VDP provider will return 50% of vehicle proceeds to the charity. proudly returns an average nearly 80% of vehicle proceeds to charity.

Can the VDP provider manage your program nationally?

Make sure that the vehicle donation program you choose can manage your program nationally. There are many reasons someone may want to donate a vehicle to support your mission from across the country:

  • The donor may have moved away from your area but still wants to support your mission
  • A donor may have seen an story on the national news or read about your mission on the internet
  • The family of someone your charity may have helped may want to support your mission

For these reasons make sure that the VDP you select can handle your donation regardless of where it originates from. can accept and process vehicle donations in all 50 states.

Contact us now to join our charity partner program

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